Elevations was a site-specific, sculptural installation by New York-based artist Danielle Gottesman, inside the ground floor of a construction site in the West Village. The artist was inspired by the patterns and shapes in the architectural plans of this industrial building. She gave anthropomorphic form to their twists and turns, introducing sensuality through shape and materiality. The hand-carved, basswood statues stood within the space, rising from their two-dimensional origins like architectural totems. The sculptures confronted passing viewers at eye-level, at once challenging and vaguely recognizable.

With additional works in etchings, photography and sculpture, Gottesman approaches technical or specialized imagery, such as architectural floor plans, with a formalist eye– removing all functionality from her objects. Balancing on the threshold of two and three-dimensional perception, the root of these works is almost anthropological, using the building's local history as inspiration for her work. Gottesman’s interpretation of space, objects and their perceived meanings seeks to readdress the way we make sense of our surroundings.

Elevations was curated by Lolita Cros.